Experimental Prototype

Ambient idea.      June 2006

Ambient idea.      July 2006

Model 2

Ambient idea.      August 2006

Model 3

Ok, so the “Acme Submarines” thing is a bit of a joke, but before starting the K-350 project, I had intended to try an ambient pressure sub, thinking it would perhaps be easier. 

With an ambient pressure sub, cabin pressure is kept equal to that of the surrounding water and as such, the hull structure does not have to withstand the enormous pressure.

There was a programme I think called “Big Geek” (in Danish) that I saw on the internet.  I can’t find it now I'm afraid, but the two guys in this program went for a dive with Peter Madsen in his own psub “Kraka”.  Following that, they made a very simple diving bell for the show and tested it in a swimming pool.  I had intended to make a version of this as a simple experiment, before moving on to a proper 1ATM sub.

Below are some of my ideas, which were just experiments and probably wouldn't have worked.  But it was good experience to calculate displacement, centre of gravity, centre of buoyancy etc.    Remember these are EXPERIMENTS.  Laughing is banned.

Model 1

Acme Submarines Design 01.  August 1981

Acme Submarines

Submersible Build Log