Ambient Model 2

Ambient Model 2.  1:10th Scale

Sat on the bottom.

Here is the second design that I tried out.  The soft tanks were larger and with a steeper profile.  Again, it worked reasonably well.  Very stable both on the surface and underneath.  Transitional change was better and I had also added a series of deflectors inside the tanks again in an attempt to keep the water as close to the metacentre as possible as the tanks filled.

There was a bolt hole at the top which simulated the hatch I was intending to fit.  Even with this open, (so I could be sure cabin volume wasn't affecting stability on the surface), the model was very stable.

Trouble was that it would have been so big in reality, it wouldn't have been worth making.  Plus it still wasn't stable enough at the transitional period.  Wave action causes movement in COB and at a certain point, a still unacceptable list.

I decided to forget the top hatch idea and make it more simple.


Submersible Build Log