Everything you need in relation to castors.  The guy was helpful and they arrived the next day to Guernsey!  www.castors-online.co.uk

Castors Online

Trailer parts, wheels, hubs etc.  I used them for the cradle parts.  Good service, although the stubs didn't fit and I had to machine 1mm off to get them into the 40mm bar like they were supposed to.  Ok after that though.


RPH Trailer Spares

I use Lincoln Electric welders and equipment.


Lincoln Electric

Quality eBay store with loads of great welding hats.


Welding Hats-a-Million

These are the exact valves called for on the plans.  It is even still the same catalog numbers.  Excellent fast and friendly service from the States.


Lance Valves

I have an old Myford ML7.  They still make parts for my model even though it is 50 years old.  Great service and technical info from the factory.  They make some nice looking new models as well.


Myford Lathes

Unpronounceable “Frhei” superhard drill bits will drill almost anything.  I broke a normal HSS pilot drill into the hatch viewport and bought these to drill it out.  It drilled straight through the broken drill bit with no problems.  Saved making a new port.  I think they are made in Germany but I couldn't find a website.  I got mine from: 

Southwest Surplus Tools.

New Portreath Road, Redruth, Conrwall, UK.


Frhei Drill Bits

Really good user group for Myford lathes.  The guys on the forum really helped me with some good advice on fixing up my lathe.  You do have to sign up first to activate your account.


Yahoo Groups—MyMyford

Very good quality machining tools.  They specialize in awkward tooling such as very small internal boring and grooving.   Expensive, but well worth the money.


Horn Cutting Tools

I bought my acrylic dome and mounting system from Emile at AiResearch in the Netherlands.  

He’s made domes for a lot of the other Euro boats as well. 



Good source for new and used lathe parts for Myford ML7 and Super 7.  Good service.


Lathe Spares

I got the pipe for the VBT and battery pods from here.  Also the valves, pipes and other fittings.    They seem to be able to supply pretty much anything pipe related.  Very good service.


Pipe Supply Limited

Pipe connections and parts.   Used for the VBT connections and some other bits.  Expensive.  Good service.



I was going to use this paint system which comes highly recommended, but it turned out to be to expensive for delivery from Oldenburg.



Suppliers and Links to Useful Sites.

I had a lot of trouble getting this project off the ground with several suppliers letting me down.  The list is intended to help anyone seriously interested in a similar project avoid these problems.  I'm also including information of places I have not received good service from, so you can avoid them.

Most of these places are in UK.

Please contact me if you feel you have information to add to this page, or you would like your company included.

I will update the links as I go along.

Contact me:  james*guernseysubmarine.com

Due to Automatic Spam:  Please replace the * with the @

I used DeepDale for the rolled pressure hull tube, conning tower and other parts.  Very good.  All welds coded and x-rayed.   Tight tolerances to ensure roundness of tube and correct fitting to endcaps.  www.deepdale-eng.co.uk

Supplier of  various engineering products and services.  I was interested in standard pipe and pipe caps.  They could have done it and seemed efficient and friendly enough.  But I didn't use them in the end as they could only supply in minimum 6m lengths.  I only wanted small lengths for the battery pods and VBT.


Seem good although I didn't use them in the end because they said my tube size was to small!  Might be good if your making something massive.  www.anglering.com

I bought the main pressure hull end caps and hatch dish from this company.  Excellent service and good quality product.


Angle Ring Company


DeepDale Engineering.

Purdie dished ends.

Link to the engineering and welding section of the Guernsey College of Further Education.



Guernsey College of FE

This is another paint system that I think would be ok.  I am using “Interprotect” for the inside of the VBT.  Website is awkward to find a list of the actual paints you can buy from any chandlery shop but the marine ones seem to be under “Newbuilding”.



International Paints


This is the paint I am actually using for the main hull.  Very similar to the Relius product, but a fraction of the shipping costs from the UK.



Good online source for engineering plastics.  I bought the UHMWPE for the electrical through hulls from here.  Fast efficient service.



Direct Plastics Online

Recently updated website on Local Pilotage around Guernsey and the Channel Islands.



Guernsey Pilotage

Specialist drills and carbide tooling products.



Dormer Drills

UK based supplier of metals.




Electric Trolling Motors.  I am using modified versions of these for the side thruster motors.



Minn Kota

Although I am not using them, I believe MotorGuide trolling motors would be ok to use as well.  There are some electronics in the motor pod assembly that would have to be moved.



Submersible Build Log

Electrical penetrators.  I have  bought these connectors for the main power through hulls.  Join psubs and receive a 30% discount on their products.  http://www.subconn.com


Laser and waterjet cutting.  Used to get the viewport retaining rings.


Charles Day Specialist Profilers

Hardware Online.  Got the cast iron hatch knobs here.  Good service.


WDS Online