Not sure quite what this page is, but there are some interesting sub designs and concepts.  Takes ages to load but its worth it.

Coolest Submarines

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Here is a general list of some of the more interesting sites submarine related.  I’ve tried not to duplicate information available at  Most information related to individual private builds can be found there. 

I will update the site as I go along.

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Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution kids page.  For kids but some interesting things on here.

Dive and Discover

WHOI is the world's largest private, nonprofit ocean research, engineering and education organization.

Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution

Marine and Robotic Engineering (MaRE) provides an International Brokerage and equipment sourcing service to the underwater industry.

Marine and Robotic Engineering

Manufacturers of ROV’s and tooling.

Perry Slingsby Systems

Builders of submarines and diving equipment.  Acquired the submarine division of Perry Technologies in 1991.   Builders of the James Bond Lotus submarine car.

Submerislbe Systems Technology, INC

Interesting submarine videos.


Smart little ambient wet sub.  Some really nice videos and pics on their site.



Home built sub form the 1960’s.

Sea Explorer

Submersible Build Log

Diver propulsion vehicle.  Not to expensive.

Torpedo DPV

Builders of ambient pressure submersibles.

Sea Horse Submarines

Possible pressure testing?  Diving and hyperbaric medicine research and services.

National Hyperbaric Centre