Online discussion board for psubs.  Upload pictures and add yourself to the map.


Professional organization.  Some good references information on current professional submersibles.

Marine Technology Society

UK based submarine and ROV sales and engineering.

Silvercrest Submarines

This guy made a submarine out of concrete.  Really great idea.

Wilfried Ellmer

List of submersibles around the world in all stages from design to scrap yard.

International Submersible Database

Nice if you can afford it.  They couldn’t fit my bubble helicopter on the back, so I wasn't interested.

US Submarines

Nice ambient pressure commercially available subs.  Various different configurations available.

Sports Sub

Doug’s website is full of useful information as he details his hybrid speedboat/sub project.   This is a particularly informative site.

Doug Jackson

Pat Reagan’s site is dedicated to Jules Verne’s 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea.  Including a functional psub replica of the Nautilus.

Vulcania Submarine

Carsten Standfuss and his team are building the ultimate psub.  The only one that could probably be described as a proper submarine.  Also some good links and pics of other psubs.



Builders of professional research and recreational submersibles.  Some nice videos on the website.


Site aimed as a teaching resource for schools, but some interesting history, sub rescue and basic info.

Office of Naval Research

George Kittredge’s site about his pedal powered K-250.   Website seems to have gone offline so this is a link to the archives.


A 1ATM pedal powered sub built by a group students in Florida.

Pedal Sub

Nuytco designs, builds, and operates atmospheric diving suits, submersibles, remotely operated vehicles, as well as specialty equipment for commercial diving.

Nuytco Research Ltd

Seems to be a website specializing in professional submersibles and ROV’s for sale.

Another professional company offering tourist and personal submersibles.

Tarw—Trading OY Ltd

A 2 man submersible built by Doug Privitt.

Delta Oceanographies

Home of the Johnson Sealink submersible.

Harbor Branch Oceanographic

UK Based 3 man tourist sub you can take a trip in.   Based at Vobster Quay diving centre near Bristol.  Minimal cost for a ride.


Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute web site.  Details of Titanic finding “Alvin”.  Plus a nice web based simulator.

Alvin Simulator

Psub related discussion board with some interesting articles and links.


National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.   US site with some interesting undersea info and links.


French PSUB builder.  Nice looking acrylic pressure hulls.  Website is dreadful and very slow.

Personal Submersible Industries

US Film archives with some interesting WW2 DVD’s you can buy.

Periscope Film

UK based small submersible and military submarine builders.    Seems to be offline now.

Marlin Submarines

Another concrete submarine project.

The YMER Project

Another ambient sub builder. 

Exomos Submersibles

This guy made a sub in the Ukraine under very difficult circumstances.  Brilliant achievement and great videos on the web site. 

Mr Pilipenko

Good info on Sgt. Peppers PSUB and other projects by Emile Van Essen.

Nemo PSUB built by Reinhard Kuster.


1 man sub built in St. Petersburg.  Not much technical  info, but some nice pictures.

Russian PSUB

A nice looking but very expensive sub you can purchase, the “Gemini” sub.


Sunnier looking “Channel Islands” than mine, with a concrete sub under construction.

Channel Islands Sub

Submersible with acrylic domed hull.


Professional company offering consulting services and sales.  Some expensive tourist subs for sale.

Deep Sea Adventures

Mesothelioma Lawyer Center

Information regarding asbestos exposure on older type submarines.  If you’re a sub veteran, you may want to have a look.

The Asbestos and Mesothelioma Center

Tourist sub in Lanzarote.  Cost 50 Euro for a 1 hour ride

Submarine Safaris

The definitive home of personal submarines on the web.  Everything you need to get started is here including the complete detailed plans for the K-350 submersible.

Personal Submersibles Organisation.

Sub related links.

Here is a general list of some of the more interesting sites submarine related.  I’ve tried not to duplicate information available at  Most information related to individual private builds can be found there. 

I will update the site as I go along.

Please contact me is you would like your site adding

The first commercially available 1 ATM psub you can buy for under 100K.

International Personal Submersible & Mini Submarine Enthusiast’s Home Base.

U-Boat Worx


Submersible Build Log

Information on the legal options for submarine veterans diagnosed with mesothelioma cancer.