Battery Pods


I kept forgetting my camera while I assembled the Port side battery pod.† But basically I assembled the pod itself using the same technique as I did for the VBT here.†


I lined up the parts of the pods using a piece of angle iron on the floor and sat the pieces onto that.† Lined them up perfectly.†


The centre weld was really easy as there was that backing ring in place from the failed pod ends attempt.† Here.† I could just shoot straight into the root onto the stainless ring.† Perfect penetration almost guaranteed.


I was very careful to measure everything correctly.† Itís a bit confusing where the pods actually go on the plans, but the centre of the pod lines up with the centre of the conning tower.† I then measured from the centre point where the fittings should go in order for them to line up nicely in between the hull rings.† This is different from the design shown on the plans as I am using 2 x electrical penetrators and 1 x vent.


The stainless electrical penetrators I pre-heated to approx 100 degrees and arc welded them in using 309L electrodes.† I also baked the electrodes for 1 hour at 100 degrees in my mothers oven.

Submersible Build Log