Battery Pods


Here im putting the stainless steel cladding onto the battery pod ends ready for machining.


One of the guys in the club spooked me with a horror story of his battery pods distorting when welding so I made another brace from 6mm plate. I cut the stainless ring insert so I could clamp it tight onto the inside diameter of the pipe. Then I tacked it on and hammered the brace into the inside. Its a tight fit so I didn't weld it in at all, its just jammed in there. Next I did 2 weld runs. One root run all the way around like a normal fillet weld, and then a second capping run. I set the machine up to use the spray transfer method. Full power. This was an attempt to get good penetration and also to try and keep the bead smooth to minimise machining. It looks ok from the outside, but well have to see how successful it was when its machined to shape.

Submersible Build Log