Arrival of Parts


I have had to order all these parts from the UK.  I couldn't get them from my local suppliers as they are all “special” things.  The pipe for example is all Schd 80 (thicker wall) instead of the Schd 40 that I could get here.  So I’ve been held up a while waiting for these to arrive.

The website it for my own reference as well, so I am writing all these parts down now as it really did take some time to get this right and track down the correct parts and a supplier. 


From left to right:


1: 1/2” SS pipe.  This was a mistake.  I ordered pipe instead of tube.  This should have been 1/2” outside diameter SS tube for the high pressure air fittings but I didn't notice the “NB” (nominal bore) on the order.  So I cant even send it back as its my own fault.  Never mind, the SS tube is the one thing I can actually get here and this pipe I’m sure will come in handy for something else.


(21/10/08)  Just replaced that with Swagelok tube.  1/2” OD x 0.049 wall 316L SS Tube: 

Part number:  T8-S-049-6ME


2: The large pipe:  11/2"NB XXS API/A106 HFS Pipe.  This is for the battery pod vents.   Plans say XXH which means “double extra hard”.


3:  2” threaded XXS pipe nipple.  This will weld into the hull for the 2” cabin flood valve.


4:  11/2" 3000LB BSP APISC Cap.  Pipe caps to fit to the battery pod vents (#2)


5:  1" Sch80 Stainless Welded Pipe 316L.  For the VBT flood tube.


6:  1/2" Sch80 Stainless Welded Pipe 316L.  For VBT high pressure air throughull although I might not do it that way.


7:  2" WORCESTER 466TSE Ball Valve.  Cabin flood valve (Very expensive).


8:  1" WORCESTER 466TSE Ball Valve.  VBT flood valve.


9:  1/2" WORCESTER 466TSE Ball Valve.  VBT high pressure air.


10:  The Lance SS ball valves I bought some time ago.  3/4” # 22-061.  For the MBT vents.


11:  1/2" S/S Screwed Nipple.  Sched 80.  Various through hull pipes.


12:  Swagelok fittings.  # SS-810-7-8RG.  VBT high pressure connections.  I will use this system for some of the other HP connections as well probably.


13:  Through hulls I made earlier.


14:  Oval handles for the 3/4” Lance valves.  Not sure which I’ll use.

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