New Welder 2


This is the second welding machine I have bought.† I need to use the MMA process sometimes and itís much better to have my own kit rather than keep borrowing machines.† Iím also really interested in welding so itís not exclusively just for the sub project.† Itís a MMA\TIG inverter unit with maximum output of DC 205 amps, 35% duty cycle.† I managed to get this as an X-showroom demonstration model so I got it half price but still with the warranty.† Iíve only got the stick leads at the moment, but I may get the TIG cables as well if I find a need for them.† Iíve just got to wire it up to fit my 63amp socket in the garage.† First job for it is to weld the stainless hatch brackets on.

Submersible Build Log