Roger Rabbit.

Built by an unknown builder.

This K-350 seems to be under renovation.  More information at the psubs site.  You can see the difference in the shape of the soft tanks in comparison to Dan’s above.

John Farrington.

Unfinished build.


Johns website is very detailed of his K-350 build.  However, it hasn’t been updated for a while and he seems to have disappeared, so i'm not sure of the current status.

Construction photo journal of Persistence

And another good page here

Construction photo journal.  Here

Dean Ackman. 

Under Construction.

Dean is progressing with his K-350.  Again, he's making some changes to the original design.  Note the 3 front viewports.  He tells me he's adding many other features including Fly by Wire, Outside Shell, Hydraulic Controls, 12HP motor amongst others.

Pictures on FRAPPER Here

Here you can see details of people who are building/operating the same K-350 model.

I am trying to gather details of as many boats and owners as I can together on this page.  So if you are K350 building, or have any information to add, I would appreciate an email!  There are other models of submersible that George designed, but I am trying to keep this page just to the 350.

Lake Diver.

This K350 was built by John Maynard.  Here it’s being launched from its own specially built boat tender. 

I bought my plans from John and he has updated some of the drawings to CAD.

I believe John is currently working on a second boat to be called “Lake Diver 2”.

John’s Homepage  Here

George’s K600 Model on psubs Here.


“I found Israel’s Atom Bomb Factory”,  available from Psubs store.  Here.



Captain George Kittredge.


George Kittredge was a  US Navy submarine Captain and the designer of the K350 submersible.  Working under the name of “Kittredge Industries”, he built 46 of these subs in various different models.  I can’t actually find much information of where these subs are nowadays, but George’s biography “I Found Israel’s Atom Bomb Factory” details the building and operating of the subs, plus is a fascinating account of his times during the war.  Very interesting book.


This K350 was built by Kenny Sanford and partner.  They started work in 1982 and finished just two years later in 1984!  Used originally to investigate a wreck, the sub is now on display at the “Hatfield Marine Science Centre” in Newport, Oregon.

Other K-350 Subs.


Built by Dan Hryhorcoff.

“Persistence” built by Dan Hryhorcoff.  He has made several modifications to the standard design shown on the plans, the most noticeable being the shape of the soft ballast tanks.

Don Palmer.

I don't know anything about this K350 that appeared on the PSUBS site.   PSUBS Link HERE. 

(Click on “Don Palmer” at the bottom).


Scott Waters

Another K350 project that has appeared at PSUBS.  Again, I don't know anything about this sub, but it looks like Scott is making good progress.


Submersible Build Log

Graham Bayliss

Graham has sent me some pictures of his K350 coming together.  Very interesting main tank arrangement, its going to look like a proper submarine.