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First Dive

Submersible Build Log

Initially the boat got an air bubble caught in the forward tank and I could not get it out. So I was stuck at an awkward angle. I squished myself right up front to try and balance it out. That didnt really do anything and then all the internal lead slipped to the back making it worse. I felt like Michael Caine at the end of The Italian Job. I will need to sort that out with a hole or pipe right at the end of the main tanks. Once Id got the hang of emtying the main tanks evenly I was able to dive at last. Landed on the bottom at 6m (20ft). No leaks. Then I used the variable tank to get neutral which was quite easy once Id had a practice. I went up and down loads of times, just getting the feel of it. I could also spin around using the motors, which again seemed relativly simple. I also drove around on the surface a little using the rear motor which was perfect, although hopeless in reverse.


There were a few problems. The air bubble, not a big issue. The interior depth gaugges didnt work at all and I had to rely on the external one. Not sure of the problem, needs investigating. The port side motor stopped working. I thought it had flooded but when I emptied it later, it seeemed fine. I unplugged it, plugged it back in and it was ok again. Not sure of the issue there either. The seat is hopeless and needs modifying. Other than that, a fantastic day all round. Ill now fit all the lead properly inside and sort out the minor issues.


Video is better.