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Submersible Build Log

I decided to test dome assembly.  This was really to test the seal and seat rather than the dome itself as I wasnt 100% sure the epdm gasket was correct.  I had a feeling it might have extruded under pressure. 


You cant really see it in the picures but the dome is mounted to a steel dish, a bit like a hatch.  I made this from the spare piece i had left over from cutting out the forward endcap. 


The entire assembly I built into a wooden box.  The red cargo net was around it to catch all the bits if it smashed to pieces hitting  the seabed......


It weighed about  70kg (150lb) and i just assumed it would sink.  With the bouyancy of the dome and the wood, it floated!  We had to add this lump of chain to make it sink, which probably stopped it hitting the seabed too hard.