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Submersible Build Log

I have completed the O2 system.  Internally the system comprises of the O2 phosphor bronze fitting as shown in the plans, with the threads modified to accept my system.  I have a needle valve connected directly to the valve which is then connected to 6mm Tungem 300bar O2 tubing.  At the other end is an adapter into a standard bull nose female fitting.  This fits to a medical O2 flowmeter.  I used the bull nose fitting as I can change flowmeters easlily.

I made and assembled the system, then dismantled it and the entire system was then O2 cleaned by my technical diving shop.  I then re-assembled it all using Viton O rings for the connections.  I was very careful to assemble the system with clean hands and take care to keep everything super clean.

The system is designed for 300 bar O2 but in reality will only see 10 max.  I do not want high pressure O2 in the cabin.