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Submersible Build Log

This is the O2 system ready to assemble.† The system comprises of a seven litre, 200 bar aluminium scuba tank with a scuba 1st stage regulator fitted.† This has a relief valve set to crack at 14bar.†

There will be a flexible hose (havenít got it yet) to the phosphour bronze through hull fitting.† Directly out of this is a needle valve, then Tungem tubing to a bull nose adapter into a medical pediatric flow meter.

The idea is to keep O2 pressure as low as possible.† The 1st stage reg will deliver oxygen at ambient pressure up to a maximum of 10bar.† Should this increase for any reason, the relief valve is there as a safety.†

The medical pediatric O2 flowmeter can bleed in O2 at various rates depending on what is set.† The flowmeter is designed to accept full tank pressure so Iím just hoping it will be ok with† low pressure.† I think it will be ok, it should be like running from a nearly empty tank.

Appart from the through hull fitting that I made, all parts are supposedly already ďO2 cleanĒ.† But, I am taking the entire system to my local technical diving workshop to be completely O2 cleaned again before final assembly.

I am also going to spray the tank white.† Iím not having it that ghastly yellow colour on my white boat.