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Through Hulls

Submersible Build Log

I wasnít happy with the epoxy fill on the side motor through hulls.† I was not 100% sure they had cured correctly as the dregs left in the mixing jar seemed like they had not, particularly at the bottom.† This may be because the dregs were not mixed fully at the bottom of the tub.†† Iím not sure what I did wrong.† I mixed the components together correctly I think and cured the items next to a radiator.† I think this was at about 25 degrees C for 72 hours.†

So, I got this old oven from a work colleague and rigged it to my welding circuit.† Then I heated the through hulls to 50-60 degrees for 4 hours.†† Maybe I should have done that first.

I am still not happy, so I think these are going to have to be made again.† I will try to remove the epoxy with heat first, to try and save the penetrators.† Otherwise I will have to re-make them.† I could do without this setback right at the end now.