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Submersible Build Log

It took me all day to assemble the motors.  The problem was with the cables for the connection to the brushes (see previous page).  When in the original configuration they can be pulled tight up through the tube to keep them clear of the commutator but with this modification, they cannot, so they have to be EXACTLY the right length.  Not only that but the cables have to bend clear of the rotating parts as you push the whole lot back in, which is awkward enough due to having to push the brushes back.

Anyway, after many times in and out of the casing, I was finally happy that the cables clear all obstructions and the motors work fine.

I think another idea would be some sort of clip on the inside of the case to force the cables clear, or even rigid wire bent to a clearance shape. 

I also put a slither of sikaflex around the compensator tubes, just in case.