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Submersible Build Log

I made the thruster handles out of solid stainless bar.  I could have made them from tube, but I wanted them to feel good and strong.  I also welded 3x bars to the nuts to allow them to be tightened against the delrin spacers.  The idea here was that I can tighten up the nuts by hand and it would lock the motors in place.  It sort of works but its not very good.  The motors are heavy and I cannot tighten them up enough to fully lock them.  I can see some sort of indexing system modification is needed, some other time.

I wired up the motors with 10AWG silicone wire used for model planes.  It is a high current cable that is also very flexible.  Perfect for the rotating parts where the cable needs to flex.

I also used shielded 4mm bullet connectors so the motors can be removed easily.