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Submersible Build Log

When I said they were ready, I meant “almost ready”.  For some stupid reason I thought I should cut the brass rods off flush as it would be easy to solder wires to.  Not so, it was a complete pain and in the end I had to solder a connector to the rod and then the wires to that.  If I had just left the rods sticking out, it would have been a lot easier. 

The problem is that the brass rods conduct heat so well, I couldnt get enough heat on to complete the joint.  This was a bit of a staged photo, the iron just held the cable on a bit and I actually did the main joint with the blow torch at the expence of the cable shielding.

Anyway, once I connected the wires, I patched up the shielding with shrink tube and then filled the remaining bit of the hole with more epoxy to hold it all in solid.  I put 4mm bullet connectors onto the ends of the wires which will then connect to the main power.  Now they are done.