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Through Hulls

Submersible Build Log

I conducted tests on various samples to see what I thought would be best for filling the through hull tubes.  Top picture, from left to right.

1 RS medium vicsosity epoxy, machine mixed.

2 RS medium vicsosity epoxy, hand mixed with a stick.

3 Eli Chem Resins low visosity epoxy composite.

4 ResinTech RT310 low visosity epoxy.

5 Eli Chem Resins Polyurethane.


My tests were not particually scientific but It did give me a better idea of the properties of each product. 

I poured all the samples into the same length of PVC tube.

The RS and Resintech productes I mixed by weight as it said on the instructions and mixed them with a drill mechanical mixer.  The Eli Chem ones were in saches which were really easy to use, just removed the top, kneeded them together and they were ready.


Tests as follows.


1 Remove the sample from the PVC tube.

2 How many bubbles?

3 Bend\break test.

4 Notch test with a chizel.

5 Thump it with the lump hammer, side on.

6 Thump it with the lump hammer end on.