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Submersible Build Log

I wired up the external light connections to the sub conn bulkhead connector.† I used 4mm bullet type connections as they are easy to solder together and completely isolated from each other once fitted together.† Also, you cannot fit them together wrong.

The whole assembly I then fitted into a piece of conduit tube and sealed just the end with sikaflex.† The rest will be filled with Epoxy once the sika is dry.

With hindsight, Iíve realised the conduit tube has a carbon steel wire running through the ridges.† This will almost certainly disintegrate in contact with salt water.† But It doesnít really matter even if it completely falls apart I suppose.† The epoxy is providing the seal.† However, I think a piece of plastic tube would have been better.† I might put a little blob of sika on the exposed wire as a token protection effort.† Also thinking about it, the ridged shape of the conduit could leave possible air voids in the epoxy.† Plastic tube would definitly be better.