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Submersible Build Log

I started conducting some experiments to see what I did wrong and to test some other epoxy systems.  Having broken out the ResinTech RT310, I think it was probably ok, I just couldn’t be sure.  I think perhaps the dregs left in the tub were not mixed properly at the bottom and so didn’t cure.  But the stuff inside the tubes did seem ok.

On test here in the white tubes is more RT310 and also some RS standard epoxy.  With both, I weighed out the mixtures properly.  It does say “2:1 by weight” on the instructions and not “by volume” that I had just assumed.  I mixed them mechanically with a drill and home made mixer rod to make sure they were thoroughly mixed.  The trouble with mechanical mixing is that it introduces a lot of bubbles.  The RT310 is low viscosity so the bubbles quickly disapeared, but the RS stuff is medium viscosity and seemed to hold the bubbles.  I started to cure them at about 23 degrees.  Results to follow.

I also have some other types on order to test.