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Submersible Build Log

I removed the suspect epoxy with heat.  This was a tip from people in the club.  I heated it to about 250 degrees C and the epoxy just crumbled apart.  I didn’t bother with my proper thermometer so the temperate was a bit of a guess, based on the oven’s setting.  You can see some of the crumbled epoxy dust on the floor. 

To start with it just broke apart at the top and bottom and had to be knocked out a bit at a time.  But, once I managed to pull the brass rods out, it all dissintegrated.  I cleaned the insides up with a tiny grinding stone and then left everything to cool slowly in the oven.  A clean and a test fit later showed that the penetrators are still ok and the epoxy seems to have completely vanished from the inside, leaving the previously grit blasted surface visible again.  This was a nuisance, but certainly better than re-making the penetrators.  

I am now conducting some experiments on different epoxy resins.  Photo’s to follow.