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Submersible Build Log

I started on the main lights.  These are Trustfire TR-DF003 2x26650 3xCREE XM-L Diving Lights.  They seem to make millions of different models.  These are advertised at 4000 lumens I think.

The lights are powered by 2x lithium Iron 3.7v with a max of 4.2 and minimum of 2.* (to check) connected in series.  I bought voltage converters from ebay which are the LM 2596 module DC-DC 4.5-35V to 1.5-30V 5A step down power supply converter module.

So, the lights need approx 7.4-8.4v max and draw about 3.5 amps.  I adjusted the converter to deliver 7.5V and soldered the cables directly to the battery terminals on the lights.  The cable will pass through a blue globe cable gland fitted to the nandle top but I dont have the correct 16x1.5mm tap so I have to wait until I get one.  I just drilled a hole for now to pass the cable through.

It works fine but the converter gets hot.  Going to have to sort that out.