Front Viewport



Endcaps are spun so thickness varies from 13mm at the rims to 10mm in the centre.†

Total volume of the removed material = 2903 CM3 based on 10mm thickness.


Total volume of removed material = 3773 CM3 based on 13mm thickness (worst case scenario).


Volume of replaced material (weld in ring) = 3043 CM3


If basing this calculation on the worst case scenario, I think I will have to add an extra 10mm to the thickness of the ring which would take the volume replaced to 3874 CM3


This idea is getting better, but there are still problems.† There should be some overlap on the inside diameter of the ring, plus it† still needs to be thicker.† This idea is also scrapped.† 08/2008

Above:† Exploded view of general arrangement. OD of the main weld in ring is 608mm, ID 514mm

Here is the latest idea for the removable front dome securing method.† Again, these are just ideas but I have been doing a lot of reading so I think Iím getting there.

Above:† Close up section of assembled pieces.

Above:† Exploded view showing dimensions.

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