This is an alternative escape solution to the domed viewport.† A second hatch could be added to the rear of the main hull.†† At only 18 inches inside diameter, the hatch would be tight, but I can get out of that size hole.† I have tested it.† Their would be one extra reinforcing ring added to the design and the others squashed up to accommodate it.† A 3/4 inch hatch base would be added and the hatch itself would fit directly to that.†

Iím not sure about the additional weight this would add to the design, and also the battery pods would have to be moved further out.


I have decided not to use this idea in the end.† I like the idea of the bottom hatch, but it would take an awful lot of extra work to fit.† Although the design seems feasible, it is untested and so I am unsure if this would be a success or not.†† 08/2008

Submersible Build Log